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Our partners


Legal Together supports the following initiaves currently active in Nepal.



Foundation Care For All 


A Dutch foundation in the field of local educational projects in Nepal such as construction of schools, granting scholarships and the development of teaching programs such as the Woman Literacy Project. This coming period FCFA will focus on reconstruction and (re)installment of the educational system. 


Stichting Maya


A Dutch foundation aiming on improvement of education and medical facilities in remote areas. At this moment Maya is distributing tents and first aid medicines in the remote inaccessible areas which are severely hit. 


Empowerment Generation


An American foundation promoting the distribution of LED Solar lamps by a woman entrepeneurship network. As power mainly has been cut off, Empowerment Generation is currently distributing donated solar LED lamps in the affected areas. 


Samaanta Foundation


A Nepali foundation based in Kathmandu promoting higher education for high potential Nepali students originated from rural areas. Samaanta has an extended and strong network in Nepal. For this moment Samaanta coordinates first-aid programs in remote areas. 


Shree Bagyodaya Higher Secondary School


Legal Together grants a number of scholarships to scholars of this local higher secondary school. Previously parties cooperated succesfully resulting in a high number of new schoolbenches for the school (left photo). Unfortunately Sankhu has been severely damaged by the earthquake. The school housed 110 families the first days after the earthquake. The school is currently aiming to pick up classes again. 



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